About Professional CPD

Professional CPD is designed to help scientists and technical professionals in South Africa earn CPD points and maintain their professional registration.

Scientific and technical professionals often find it challenging to balance busy working lives and the learning requirements of maintaining their professional registration status. Even their employers may find it difficult to provide out-of-office opportunities to learn, simply due to project demands. Yet, professional registration with the appropriate council is essential to these professionals’ success and credibility in their fields.

Life-long learning is more than just a requirement from professional councils, however. Science and technology are advancing rapidly, with new discoveries and tools coming to light almost daily. To stay on top of developments and maintain a relevant, up-to-date skill set is vitally important for professionals if they want to remain not just employable, but in demand.

Both employers and professionals themselves recognize this necessity, and the time constraints so often standing in the way. From Animal Scientists to Engineers, Environmental Scientists to Architects and Quantity Surveyors, professional registration is critical to success in the field. But despite awareness of this need, professionals can struggle to find the time to attend training, workshops and conferences.


How Professional CPD can help

Professional CPD helps to resolve this challenge by providing professionals in the science and built environment with fully accredited and validated online CPD learning materials, allowing them to earn their CPD points whenever it is convenient.

The only website of its kind for South African scientists and technical professionals, Professional CPD offers a host of CPD validated articles, research papers and more that count towards earning CPD points in Category 1. Available 24/7, the learning materials we provide do not require days out of the office to complete. Instead, an hour or two a month can earn professionals enough points to stay on top of their game.
In this way, these professionals can earn the necessary CPD points to maintain their registrations with their respective professional bodies and councils, without having to find the time to attend days of training out of the office.

About Professional CPD and 6CDS

Professional CPD is powered by 6CDS, a leader in implementing CPD systems for Councils such as ECSA, validating training material for training providers and managing Candidate Programmes towards Professional Registration for some of South Africa’s leading built environment companies. Through its long-standing involvement and collaborations with voluntary associations, recognised organisations, training providers and reviewers, 6CDS is uniquely positioned to provide online CPD learning materials that meet the criteria for scientists, engineers, architects, quantity surveyors and more.
At the same time, through working with hundreds of registered professionals themselves, 6CDS has a deep understanding for the challenge professionals face when trying to maintain registration. 6CDS is passionate about building appropriate technology to ensure user-friendly and technically sound systems to support access to and measurement of CPD and professional registration activities and requirements.

With this unique view from both sides of the professional registration coin, and its passion for technology, 6CDS created Professional CPD to provide the ideal solution, meeting council criteria and personal professional development needs in one easy-to-use online platform.

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